News: 2023-10-10 - Composer in Residence

Five young singer crouch infront of a white board with quotes on it , all over, quotes from songs they sang this season. Thei are showing thumbs up and smiling.

I am deeply honoured to be the among the first two ever composers in residence for the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. I will be spending the next few months in New York working with three of the training divisions on new music and lyrics, to be performed for at the BYC's end of season concert Spring Sings in May 2024. More info, click here.

Above is an image of the singers favourite lyrics from this season so far. I was so happy to see two of mine 9can you guess which??)* up there so I thought to include this photo.

Thank you BYC!!

*They Shot a Woman, Kiss your Grandmothers feet, Drip Drip

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