News: 2023-08-03 - Fall Into Me(s) by "Roomful Of Teeth"

I am sure by now that you have heard my song "Fall Into Me" or its album version "Splendid Soldiers" - Maybe you have also already heard the wonderful version of the song by Roomful Of Teeth? And maybe you have had the pleasure of hearing them perform it live - as they have done so for many yeas now as an encore. And if you haven't had the please, well here are TWO videos of them performing it!
The first video Roomful of Teeth have posted to kickstart their new youtube Channel (what an honour :D!) - Martha Cluver is singing the solo - and the second is their performance at WoCo Fest 2023 and Jodie Landau is singing the solo part! Enjoy!

(photo by Anja Schütz)

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