News: 2024-02-23 - mini album out today!

We see circles and lines criss crossing with black marker pen over a yellowish paper , where they cross the areas enclosed are colored in with the black marker,

The album was crafted between Jas's and my respective homes in Munich, London, and Kent over the past year. Although it was made within a year, it was a decade in the making, reflecting our enduring friendship and creative collaborations. The album artwork as well as the two artworks for the single I made about ten years ago, all in the same mixing session - when Jas was mixing my second record 'Two-Headed Girl'. I always attend my mixes and paint and luckily I kept those paintings and it was so fitting to simply use the images I had a decade ago when our friendship beginĀ for our first record together. Find it on all streamers:
We had some wonderful press, thanks so much everyone for sharing!
I included a couple below:

15 Questions

Ransome Notes

Ban Ban Ton Ton


I have also included our wonderful photos by Laura Lewis in the Gallery! Check them out!

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