News: 2023-11-16 - New music out today

an aquarell painting of flowers, mainly red upon green. abstact shapes, not realistic, spikey flowers, with pencil outlines, above written with green paint is The Garden

Dear reader,

Thank you for coming to my website and choosing this method of communication, without cookies, away from cooperate content creation craze. I appreciate it very much.

Please have a a listen to my new project with my dear friend Jas Shaw: Alev & Jas. Thank you Jas for being my friend, my collaborator on so many many projects and finally we have a band ;) Thank you for you!

The first single is out today the album will come early 2024.

This song is about your inner child, guiding it into a plentiful , beautiful garden , looked after and nurtured by your parents and/or your grown self. A mantra of self soothing. A garden coloured by love, abundant. Something I wish for all children.

We have collectively created a world in which children are murdered, orphaned, dying in unspeakable numbers because of the actions of adults. Never experiencing a garden, never growing up. Never reflecting, never looking back. Never into the future. Never being afforded the luxury of childhood. Like I have had the great privilege to.

The immeasurable pain and horrible wounds the world is inflicting on itself and especially it’s children might never ever be healed. We are continuously sowing seeds of despair. We have wrecked the garden that is earth and I am ashamed to admit this to the children. We have gravely failed them.

Of course I want you to hear my new music.
It is what I live and breathe and what gives me sense and purpose.

But you really must hear the cries of the people who are dying and those grieving their loved ones. From Europe’s hostile shores to the shores of GAZA and beyond. Death carried and camouflaged by centuries of indifference of white people towards black and brown bodies. This is an indifference that can be changed today, tonight , at the dinner table, on the street, in daily interactions, in being , in voting. In community, in reflection.

I have witnessed so much silence. Not here. Before there was social media anyhow. Fascism grows over the years, slowly. Through doors held open, carelessly it slips through and solidifies in our midst. Offline, with peers who have power over each other, when hiring, when working, when choosing partners, lovers and friends. The world we build is in everyday action and everyone is building it. These horrors come from our hands, but so does hope. I can choose with every gesture.

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