News: 2023-10-09 - Reviews !

We see a large image of a planet on a screen in the background of the stage at Milton Court and the eight singers from Roomful Of Teeth sitting in front of it on chairs with indivisual mic stands and mics.

I am so happy I was able to attend and even sing again with Roomful Of Teeth. Thank you to the brilliant singers and sound team, the visuals and to the fantastic audience. It was a great honour. We got some good reviews, including the Times, too so I thought I'll share these as well as the newly launched artist profile on the WISE Music classical pages.

The Times Review

Composer profile

The Art Desk Review

I also thought I will share some stills of the planet visuals by Moritz Mayerhofer. In the order they were performed ;)
Hope you enjoy!

(Cover Image photography by Mark Allen)

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