News: 2022-09-02 - Show for Nyokabi Kariũki

On a large wite square we see two hand passing a root vegetable with greens growing out of it and two weaver birds in the top right and lower left corner infront of a smaller square depicting the blue sky with white clouds

I sure hope you remember the winner of the Recompose competition from 2020 Nyokabi Kariũki ! As you know, she also released her debut record not too long after on out now mutual label SA Records! And now the first live show for this record is coming up. She asked me to sing with her for this very first show and I feel very honoured to usher the record in with her onto the stage! Come say hi! Tickets here ! Make sure to also check you her website and album, this glorious album artwork is by Naila Aroni! I love Nyokabi's words on it:

"Each track on the EP is based on a specific place in Kenya that had emotional significance in her growing up, with the musical creations stemming from visual cues of the places she reminisced on: “When I see a colour, I hear a certain sound. This is why art plays such a pivotal part in the creation of this project. The EP’s closing track, “Naila’s Peace Place”, is the peace place of Kenyan artist and childhood friend of Nyokabi, Naila Aroni, who painted the artwork on the EP cover. On this, Nyokabi mentioned, “I love her art so much, so I asked her to paint 3 pieces based on some places the EP tracks featured for the cover art. I would send her photos and colour schemes as references. Then, I wanted to give back to Naila in a similar way: by asking her to send videos of her own ‘peace place’, and I created the final track around it. Her peace place was in Lamu on the Kenyan coast. It was fun because I had never been there before and it wasn’t my peace place at all. I was using the audio she gave me of her and her best friend walking down the beach. It felt very beautiful using that exchange between two friends, making the sound of joy a very tangible and visceral sonic experience. I think it was a perfect way of acknowledging the symbiosis between visual art and music in this EP”. "

more at: SA Records

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