Born and raised between orient and occident, Alev Lenz is the daughter of a Turkish artist and a German businessman. As a songwriter, composer and singer Lenz’s rich catalogue of compositions fuse distinctive musical worlds into something that is authentically hers. Her honest lyrics, instinct for melodic hooks and intriguing harmonics form deep and compelling songs that hold their own on both record and screen.
Back in 2009 Alev released her debut album Storytelling Piano Playing Fräulein, which showcased her talent as a singer-songwriter. Through her sophomore record Two-Headed Girl, co-produced with acclaimed drummer Samuli Kosminen, Alev continued to explore her diverse set of influences, from European classical to experimental electronics.

While working on material for her forthcoming third LP, Alev Lenz sang and co-wrote the title track of Anoushka Shankar's Grammy-nominated album Land of Gold, as well as composing her breakthrough track Fall Into Me for Charlie Brooker’s Netflix series Black Mirror. Since Fall Into Me, her voice and writing have been in steady demand. Alev is currently working on her debut feature film score, a commissioned piece for Brooklyn Youth Chorus, as well as writing for Anoushka Shankar´s upcoming album. Her latest single May The Angels found placement in the forthcoming Netflix series DARK Season 2.
This September Alev Lenz will share her third LP 3 via SA Recordings, a brand new London label brought to you by Spitfire Audio and dedicated to supporting music created with real instruments by contemporary composers.

As an artist, Alev Lenz has always danced to her own rhythm. Her incredibly rich experience as a female composer alongside the demands that came with becoming a new mother led Alev to hone in on the most important elements of her craft - ’The limitations that came with motherhood clearly showed me what to let go of and what to hold on to for dear life. I boiled it down to what the core of me is - my voice and my writing.’ These two elements form the back bone of 3 – an intimate and powerful, self-produced collection of almost entirely acapella songs.
The twelve compositions are bound by Alev’s authentic voice and her rich choral arrangements as sung by Grammy-Award winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth. The intricately crafted compositions evoke a primal, almost prayer-like sensibility, whilst also addressing patriarchal oppression and the subsequent heartbreak and disorientation that it leaves in its wake. In our hyper-modern world, burdened as it is with 'content' and constant distractions, Alev’s deeply personal sonic experience offers a contemplative and refreshing alternative. Immensely emotional yet straight to the point, she sets out to transform her reality into her music.

Future plans include touring with a different chorus in various cities. Inspired by a theatre piece written by David Greig, the concept began with a premiere performance of four album tracks featuring Brooklyn Youth Chorus. A second live performance was held at Spitfire Audio’s London Head Quarters featuring Roomful of Teeth, followed by a third live performance with singers from London Contemporary Voices at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival. Without rehearsals, Alev´s desire to cultivate trust between performers and audience is a giant leap into the moment.