News: December 7th, 2018 - First Radio Play

My song 'May The Angels' got it's first radio play, before it is even released! How wonderful, especially to come from New York (see below;).
It is like receiving a love letter from a good old friend from across the ocean. As many of you know, New York and the pure musical energy pouring out of it meant a great deal to me and the city had big impact on me and my career. So this is JUST lovely.

SO this WORLD PREMIERE is on WNYC New Sounds by John Schaefer.

Tonight's show airs in NY at 11pm, but you are able to hear it online at

I had a listen and John puts it all oh so lovely! Massive Thank you to John, whom I had the pleasure to meet in person here in LA for our first radio interview and my first radio play at WNYC! You can listen back to that one here.

And the Roomful of Teeth Version of my song 'Fall Into Me' is avaibale to listen to here. on another one of John's fantastic shows.

His shows are so great and you can find the best things there and listen to just fabulous music. John is really into music and digs really deep and finds stuff. It is rare to come across people like him that have this sense of dedication towards the art of music and how it simply must be out there for people to hear.

And thank you for being here!


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