News: December 25th, 2018 - Im Kino! In Cinemas Now!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays, whatever you might celebrate.

Today is the day this lovely german movie "Der Junge muss an die frisch Luft" (only in german! sorry!) sees it's cinema release. I have again had the pleasure to work with Oscar-Winning director de force, Caroline Link and have overdubbed the singing parts of the female lead. I am at awe how Caroline works and what she is able to get out of people, namely ME ;) It is a pleasure to hear myself on the big screen and not notice in the slightest. Now, we have done this before - Caroline and me - and I am classically trained singer ... But I know my mum is right when we watch good actors give crappy peformances... A good director is real magic. And that works for singing too !

Go see the movie!

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