News: June 25th, 2019 - May the Angels OUT NOW

Finally !
You can stream the first single from my upcoming album '3' and download it here ! It has been an incredible journey up to this point and I am so excited that the releasing of my next album has officially begun!

I really had hoped for another placement of one of my songs to picture, as that makes me truely happy. There is nothing as good as picture and sound, so you can only image how excited I was when I sent the DARK Team my music and 'May the Angels' became the sound to their incredible pictures.

Especially because it is a german series, and Germany is home to me after all, this pairing fills my heart with a very special kind of joy. You know, when they like and support you back home. It is a tender spot in everyone's heart. Right?


P.S.: Psst; You can hear it on the end of S2E5 ;)

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