News: July 19th, 2019 - Read and Listen to the Radio

Hello hello!

So I wanted to first of all say I LOVE RADIO! And I have a few nice bits for you; one transcript from an interview I did earlier this month in Munich for the BR PULS (german only, sorry!) . I was so pleased to be invited in, as Munich is home it is very special to be shown appreciation and interest for one's creation.

Also, earlier this year I was in NYC for the world premiere of some of my pieces with the Brookly Youth Chorus for the Ecstatic Music Festival curated by John Schaefer / WNYC New Sounds. John found me and my music a few years back when my second album was just released and has supported me ever since. So many little things led to another, of course famously the connection to Roomful of Teeth who sang my song "Fall Into Me" from Black Mirror as their encore at Ecstatic Festival - a couple of years prioir to my own performance in NYC.
Then just today a beautiful aricle at the New York Times was pubslihed about Brookly Youth chorus and with it.
I also wanted to share the radio show that features all the four songs the BYC and I premiered in NYC. Thank you so much again!

And thank you for coming here and reading and listening on my page, and just not scrolling through Insta content ;) it means a lot! xx Alev

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